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Articles of Association and the laws and regulations
Articles of Association and the laws and regulations…  

Shareholders' meeting

Shareholders' meeting…  

Material Information
Material information under the history major message enter the ticker symbol and click the link MOPS 2484 and enter the inquiry date, you can query the Company's major message data…

Calendar year dividend distribution
Click link public information observatory dividend distribution are under the Company Profile, enter the ticker symbol 2484 and enter the year of the query, you can query the information of the Company of the Calendar year dividend is divided by distribution…

Investor Conference

Investor Conference…  

Investor FAQ

Investor FAQ…  

Company reports

Company reports…  

Stock Information

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation(Stock no:2484)

2484 Siward Crystal Technology Co., Ltd.(Listed companies)
5411 Siward Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. (OTC)

Shareholder services agent
Shareholder services agent
Name: President securities corp.
Tel: (02)27463797
Address: No.8, Dongxing Rd., Taipei City