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Environmental health and safety report

Siward Crystal Technology Co., Ltd., in accordance with "ISO 14001 Environmental / of OHSAS-18001 health and safety management system" to develop this "environmental / security guard manual", in order to define the scope of the Company's environmental / health and safety management system of, including any details of the exclusion and adjustmentand guidelines on environmental / health and safety management system with the writing, the corresponding relations of the way the book, including in the environmental / health and safety management system within the process sequence and interaction of the description. The scope of application of our environmental / safety and health management system includes all activities, products and services.

Siward Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. by the environmental / health and safety management systems facilitate the implementation of the integration of internal resources, laying the foundation for management. By the implementation of the environmental aspects / health and safety hazard identification operations, environmental / health and safety management programs and internal audit as a means rationalization of promoting environmental / health and safety management, and implementation of environmental / health and safety systems to effective implementation. And continue through the education and training to instill staff environment / the concept of health and safety awareness by improving the company system process in order to achieve pollution prevention, industrial waste reduction, safety and health, in line with laws and regulations to make the enterprise sustainable development to reduce environmental / health and safety burden, and to meet customer needs the trust of customers and work.

We committee ourselves to the following

Environmently policy:
(1) Increase efficiency on use of resources, and avoid waste of resources.
(2) Ensure all manufacturing processes, products, and services to be complied with laws, and other regulations.
(3) Devote to decreasing industrial wastes and pollution.
(4) Strengthen communication between benefit relationship holder internal and external.

Safety and hygiene:
(1) Comply with official rules, regulations related to safety and hygiene, and execute it practically.
(2) Enforce the disaster prevention, continuously removal the elements of danger to ensure the safety and hygiene in the working place.
(3) Carry out the related trainings and activities to the safety and hygiene management, adequately acquaintance of personal responsibility to safety & hygiene policy.
(4) Set up the technics, equipments & facilities of safety and hygiene, and well-controlled the risks to decrease effectively the accidents happened in the working place.
(5) Establish the safety and hygiene procedure, audit system and continuously improvement to ensure safety and hygiene management system is valid and appropriate.

Testing result of environment safety and health

Testing Time

Testing Items
Air pollution Waste water Industrial waste Drinking water Working area evaluation
once 3 years once a semiyearly once a year once every quarter once a semiyearly