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Siward Crystal Technology devotes to the concepts of “do its responsibility, mitigate the impact to the environment and improve employee’s health”, execute the work of ESH (environment, safety and hygiene), to carry out the ESH policy leads to an outstanding result, not only corresponds to internal environmental protection and labor laws, but also meets the external standard of environmental protection and safety & hygiene.

We are certified by ISO14001 in 2003, based on the principle of pollution prevention, improvement continuously, and reduction of industrial wastes and yearly increasing of the ratio of recycle and reuse wastes.  Every testing data correspond to the requirement of government’s regulations.  Prohibition or limitation of hazardous materials and correspond to the requirement of green production and green products in the international corporations, we are certified by Sony’s Green Partner in 2004.

Recently, the issue of the employee’s occupational safety and health is a main point that concerned by every industry worldwide, Siward always works hard in how to reduce the happening of the disasters, ensure the working area safe and manage and improve employees’ health.  Siward was certified by OHSAS18001 in Dec. 2008, by providing safe and health environment to the employees.

Below are Siward’s action to the ESH
Prevention of waste water pollution
In order to raise up the efficiency of waste water treatment, waste water is treated by its properties and is monitored periodically.  By periodically exam the quality of effluent to ensure the pollutant in the effluent is below law’s limits.
Management of industrial wastes
To classify and permanently storage the industrial wastes and then commit to an authorized legal waste clearance and disposal organization for disposing and declare related data on the website.  To recycle and reuse the industrial wastes is a priority, furthermore, by incinerating and land-filling.  The ratio of recycling and reusing the industrial waste is 32% in 2008 raised up to 53% in 2011, which is effectively mitigate the load of environment.
Management of hazardous substance
For those required hazardous and toxic material to be evaluated and replaced by less hazardous and toxic material; chemical substance to be stored by their characteristics and complied with related regulations; the sign for hazardous substance meets GHS requirement as well as the laws; MSDS is prepared for reference on the working area.  Besides, to reinforce the exhaust and install the emergency facilities in the working area, training for knowledge of the hazardous substances and wearing the protection while working.

Prevention of occupational accidents and risk assessment
For the implementation of safety management, and reduce the risk of occupational injury, the development of the "Labor Safety and Health Regulations," Labor Safety and Health Management Plan, in accordance with the regulations of the contents of the automatic check of the implementation of the whole plant, for labor safety and health training, safety and health of the whole plantinspection. Annual environmental aspects and hazard identification, risk assessment of operations, to develop to reduce the risk of harm countermeasures, if a hazardous event or disaster incidents, expand preventive and corrective actions to review, improve, reaching to ensure the safety of employees operating in order to reduce risk as the goal to create zero disasters and zero-accident safety staff plant.

Management of subcontractor
All subcontractors need to fill a form that is well informed the safety and hygiene before start working to make sure everything is safe, otherwise, there will be a penalty to the subcontractors.

Management and improvement of employee’s health
New employees to the implementation of the general physical examination; serving staff is superior to the general health check every two years by the laws and regulations; engaged in particularly hazardous to health operating staff each year to implement the special health check "; senior staff to provide health inspection fees subsidize welfare measuresencourage the subjects, abnormal health examination results to assist the medical health tracking when necessary to adjust the nature of the work. To cater for the health of employees and the implementation of preventive health concepts, health units and hospitals, to plant the implementation of cancer screening, and hope that early detection and early treatment to reduce the risk of cancer of employees to ensure personal health and family happiness. Create a safe, hazard-free and comfortable working environment, to provide a smoke-free workplace health promotion mark "and" Smoke Broadwood workplace "award in recognition of" healthy workplace self-certification -; set up a clinic to hire a doctor available for consultation, and provide employees with medical advice and health information; set up lactation room nursing time, facilitate employees lactating women raise healthy next generation. Commence in 1999, the health and vitality year and happy throughout the year activity plan, the implementation of health checks, fitness testing, diet changes, apply moderate physical activity, health education seminars and other activities to improve the health of employees, increase staff productivity willing to work and overall work performance, to promote harmonious labor relations, and strengthen the competitiveness of companies to create the largest corporate human assets. With the Taichung County Health Bureau, 99 the workplace to promote healthy workplace self-certification program, the assessment by the Department of Health through health promotion and tobacco control certified workplace, won the national merit - the vitality enlivened Award for career awards.

Training of reacting the emergency
To ensure employee react correctly when emergency occurs, we simulate some incidents, like fire-fighting, escaping from accidents, to practically react while the emergency occurred.  Well protect the safety of oneself and also reduce the loss of Ccompany.  After these trainings, we will thoroughly review and find the way to improve it.

Carbon reduction activities
Whole plant carbon reduction measures implemented since 2003, implemented in the electricity, air conditioning, gas, lighting, water, resource recovery, disable disposable chopsticks and other projects to reduce carbon emissions to save the company expenses. Focus on green plant, planting and environmental maintenance, planting green cover rate of 34 percent provide employees excellent working and living environment.